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Something happened to GMail!

It looks like GMail suffered some sort of outage because I wasn’t able to get to email for the better part of a day or two via the website or via POP. Older email still appears to be trickling in.

I actually have two ways to get email: via 1and1′s mail servers and via gmail. All of my email gets forwarded both places. Problem is: it had been a while since I had pulled email from 1and1 and thus it had over 7,000 messages in the inbox! That made the various webmail clients I tried puke. The fact I’m not home made it that much more difficult to reach the 1and1 mail servers using a real IMAP client. While my Nokia 9500 can handle IMAP quite nicely, over 7,000 messages is a bit much to ask of that little client. ;)

Anyway, all appears to be normal at GMail and I’m up wiht my inbox once again. When I get home later this evening, I’ll suck down my 1and1 mailbox and clean it up.

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