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All My Toys Arrived Today

Despite the fact FedEx Ground sucks, they actually delivered my Mac mini today, albeit at 5pm. UPS came thru with my Amazon order at a more timely 10am. Unfortunately, today didn’t lend itself to playing with my toys.

The one thing I did unpack from my Amazon order was the latest CD from the legendary Alan Parsons called A Valid Path. Aside from his son Jeremy performing on the album, the opening track has Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour performing some excellent guitar solos. I liked all of the other tracks, including two of the tracks that were claasic songs with a techno flair. I swear one of the tracks sounded like a certain Nokia ringtune I have on a couple of my phones too.

While much of the album was a little more techno than I usually listen to, it worked surprisingly well for me. It’s something that I immediately enjoyed and look forward to burning to mp3 as soon as I get a moment. ;)

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