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Even Alaska Sucks

On my way home, I got delayed by two hours due to a mechanical problem with my plane. The next flight actually left before my originally scheduled flight, which they were nice enough to put me on the standby list for and I was lucky enough to win the standby lottery for.

After asking the customer service reps, they gave me what they call an “air care” kit, which includes: a 5 minute calling card (which costs all of a dime), 1000 frequent flyer miles (or a $25 flight voucher), and a five dollar voucher for snacks in the airport. While it’s a small consolation prize, anyone who suffers a flight delay should get this consolation without asking.

Several years ago, I was delayed in Denver due to weather on a United flight to Spokane. The flight ended up being four or more hours late. United gave all passengers on the flight free booze and a $25 flight voucher. Without asking. Some prodding at Denver netted a $10 meal voucher too.

My question is: when will JetBlue start serving Seattle to San Jose?

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