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I Did Say This Was A Messed Up Week, Right?

No messed up week would be complete without a car accident. Happened to my wife. She was rear-ended, stopping to make a left-turn. The car behind her stopped when she did, but the car behind them didn’t, making for a nice car sandwich. Fortunately, my wife and kids were on the better end of that sandwich. Our minivan suffered a hardly noticable dent on the backside and was able to drive away from the scene. The two cars behind her were totalled. Amazingly, everyone walked away from the accident alive.

There was a fortunate thing about the location of the accident. It was a few houses down from one of Jaden’s friends. Both kids were wisked away to their house shortly after the accident happened until I was able to come pick them up a short while later. This was good because my wife had to wait around for a while for the police to show up. This basically killed what was left of my work day. Funny, I was complaining how I didn’t want to work this afternoon. Sort of got my wish, but it wasn’t how I wanted it to happen.

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