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How VoIP Companies Can Profit From Katrina

Okay, it’s a hokey-sounding title, but it’s the truth. My thoughts are with the people of the Gulf Coast who have been affected by this tragedy. The reports I’m seeing are just horrific.

Anyway, Skibare get the credit for this idea in his blog entry Voip Marketing to the RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!. The basic idea is: the Vonages of the world should be getting on a plane to Houston and the other refugee camps and donate some VoIP gear and service to allow victims to call their families and let them know they are safe. Aside from just being a nice thing to do for these people, it gives a whole bunch of people first-hand experience with Voice over IP that might never have had it otherwise. It’s free marketing for the VoIP companies and creates lots of goodwill that will ultimately advance the cause of VoIP in general and, specifically, the companies that get the free press will be the biggest beneficiaries from the extra influx of people. Everyone wins.

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