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I listen to a number of podcasts. When I get backed up, i.e. I have a lot of them to listen to because I haven’t had time to, the first ones I listen to are the ones that Sean Kennedy and the crew at RantMedia put out. If you’re not listening to NewsReal, then you’re missing out on what’s really going on in the world. Sean covers the news, but he generally goes for the stuff that people aren’t covering. As such, he’s not spending a lot of time on stuff like Hurricane Katrina. If you want that, go visit The Interdictor for some first-hand accounts. Now I can’t claim to always agree with Sean, but he’s a hoot to listen to. I just won’t let my kids listen to him because he swears. :)

For some reason, Rant isn’t doing their own RSS feed, but the fine folks at BinRev have a NewsReal podcast feed.

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