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My Window on VON

Voxilla is going to have a booth at Fall VON this year in Boston. I believe the main attraction will be a demonstration of “At Your Service”, which is a device provisioning and order fulfillment service for service providers.
Another thing that will be showed off is Leadtek’s Video Phone. Yes, I’m talking about the phone that Packet 8 sells as part of their Video Phone service, though units not tied to a service provider are being used here. One of the units will sit on the show floor, the other is at my house and both are hooked into my Asterisk server.

Leadtek recently gave a couple of the Video Phones to Mark Spencer @ Digium in order to get support for the phones included in Asterisk. It’s currently in CVS HEAD and it seems to work fairly well in the limited testing we’ve done with it so far.

One idea I had was to keep the Video Phone running during the show so I had a sort of “window” into VON. Don’t know how well this will work, but it sounds like a good idea at least.

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