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Pot Doesn’t Make You Stupid

File this under the “PhoneBoy will never get elected President” category. Oh wait, George Bush Jr. did Cocaine and he got elected twice. Maybe not. Anyway…

I remember in college hearing Jello Biafra tell everyone to grow more pot. I tend to agree. Not because I want to smoke pot, but because the whole idea of making use of a cheap, renewable source of product and energy just “makes sense” to me. A lot of the reason pot was criminalized, and still is today, is because a hell of a lot of people have a hell of a lot to lose if everyone gets over their phear of the whacky weed.

Who would lose? Let’s see:

  • Paper Processors. Hemp is much easier to process into paper. And it’s better paper too.
  • Chemical companies. Help requires less chemicals to process, thus less chemicals needed.
  • Drug companies. It’s an all natural plant. You can’t patent it like you can all the crap they advertise nowadays. And it has quite a number of medicinal uses.
  • Alcohol companies. If pot were legal, less people would drink. Why? Because alcohol can kill you in large doses. With pot? You can’t smoke enough of it to kill you. Impossible.
  • The Police. Because the police wouldn’t be wasting their time finding people smoking or growing pot, and the criminals could get high for next to nothing, crime would go down, meaning we need less police to keep us safe.
  • OPEC. If pot were legal, I guarantee someone would quickly find a way to make our cars run on some bi-product cheaply and easily. Perhaps instead of pumping oil out of the ground, we could literally grown our own fuel in our backyard. Wouldn’t that be hot?

Because of the people that have something to lose, I can’t see marijuana being legalized in my lifetime.

Meanwhile here’s a blog entry from John C. Dvorak that talks about how Pot Makes You Smarter.

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