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The Perfect Phone

I seem to be on a quest for perfection, at least from my gadgets. The problem is that I cannot seem to find the perfect one.While my Nokia 6230 is in the shop, I have temporarily switched back to my Nokia 6820. One thing I like about this phone is the flip-up QWERTY keyboard that allows me to type text messages more easily. It’s als small. The reception wasn’t so great until I sent it into Nokia and had it repaired. Now it gets just as good reception as my other Nokia phones.On the downside, the Series 40 OS on the 6820, while adequate for a phone, doesn’t allow for as many cool features and programs as a Series 60 or Series 80 allows. Also the camera sucks on the 6820.So when I saw the Nokia E70 announcement, I knew I had to get one. 6820-style keyboard. Symbian Series 60. Large screen. 2 megapixel camera. Yeah, that’s what I want. Either that or an E61, which is the Blackberry look-alike and it appears to be a quad-band GSM phone. No camera, but that’s probably better in business these days as many employers ban camera phones.

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