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Busy, But Less Stressful

Today was a busy day. I can’t remember the last time I had 30 support cases in my queue. There was also a lot of activity out-of-band on Friday, which created some work today. However, I was fairly productive. I finished what I needed to.A certain person at work didn’t add to my stress levels. That is always a bonus. In fact, I think it has been almost a week since he has specifically called me. I know that made a huge difference.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using my PhoneGnome I got a while back. It’s pretty slick how it fails over to your PSTN line when it cannot make a VoIP call. I am also using the telemarketer screening feature, which is far better than Qwest’s “security screen” since the PhoneGnome does the “special information tone” so automated dialers will take you off the list. One thing PhoneGnome doesn’t do is forward calls when your PSTN line is busy. Fortunately, Qwest does do Call Forward Busy/No Answer, so I can have overflow calls routed to my mobile phone.I will write up a more detailed review of PhoneGnome at a later time.

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