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A Little Bit of Excercise

Since I don’t appear to be dropping any weight still, I have decided I need to start excercising again. At the moment, I can eek out a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. Not much, just sit-ups and push-ups, but it’s something more than I was doing before. The strategy I am employing is to do twice as many sit-ups as push-ups. I’m up to 55 sit-ups, which are relatively easy to do all at once, and 25 push-ups, which I do in reps of 10. After the second rep of push-ups, it’s really hard. Trying to do both twice a day. I can tell that my arms are starting to gain a little bit more muscle tone.

I might also incorporate some stuff I found on Getting fit again. Maybe I could start doing 5BX again, as it worked in the past.

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