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Welcome to Vision

About three hours ago, my Lasik surgery was performed. The actual surgery itself took only a few minutes, but there was a little bit of prep and paperwork beforehand.

The scariest part of the process is when they tape open your eye and use the lid speculum to hold your eyes open. Then they use the microkeratome to cut the flap. Feels like your eyes are being sucked out and sliced. And your vision temporarily goes black.

The actual use of the laser was painless. It did smell like burnt hair during the process and was kind psychodelic as the lights blinked. And before I knew it, they put the flap back down, did the next eye. and were done quickly.

After a few minutes, Dr. Mockovak had a quick look and made sure the flap looked good. It all went well.

My eyes are a bit sensitive to just about everything right now, though my ability to tolerate light is getting increasingly better. And even though it’s a little fuzzy–normal after the procedure–my vision is dramatically improved. I can actually read the alarm clock from across the hotel room, something I couldn’t do without glasses.

I suspect that my vision will fluxuate a little as my eyes heal and may improve even more! The initial results are certainly promising!

Meanwhile, I’m not really supposed to be using a computer at the moment, so I’m going to give myself some more eye drops and listen to NewsReal. Fortunately I am typing this up on my Nokia 9500. :)

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