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Isn’t This Taxation Without Representation?

Being someone who works for companies in California, though I live in Washington state, I would be a bit concerned if California were to tax me on the income I earn there. Well given that the Supreme Court decided not to hear a case on a man working for a New York company and living in Tennessee and getting assessed New York taxes, I’m a bit concerned.

I believe part of the reason the American colonists rebelled against the British was that the British taxed the colonists without giving them a say in Parliment. Don’t we call that taxation without representation? I have to believe that is what is happening here as well. This guy who works in Tennessee is paying New York taxes. His he allowed to vote in New York State elections? If he’s getting taxed like he’s living there, surely he also gets to vote on things like who his congress-critters in New York. What do you bet he’s not allowed to do those things?

If this happens to me, the way I will fight it is to immediately ask for voting rights in the state of California. After all, if I am getting taxed by that state, shouldn’t I have some say in how my tax dollars are getting spent there?

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