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A Few New PhoneGnome Features

Was poking around in my PhoneGnome Portal today and noticed a couple of new features:

  1. Can turn off “Outbound Call Indications,” which is that announcement that tells you that you are making a free call, using the Internet to make the call, or your PSTN line to do it.

  2. You can change the “PSTN Line Gain” settings, which is sometimes needed for some PSTN lines. I know this from having configured more than my share of SPA-3000s. :)

They are also working out the bugs with their “Premium Voicemail” offering, which is largely Asterisk based. They’re not that many, really. I did run into a couple of issues with calls getting answered correctly, but those have since been fixed. They have a nice web front-end for checking messages and whatnot, including downloadable WAV files and “click to call” to return calls people made to you, assuming there was Caller ID (with name even).

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