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My Quest for WPA on Linux is over!

Well it took some work, but I’ve got it. The AWLC4030 from Airlink101. It includes an Atheros AR5212 chipset, which is supported using the madwifi drivers, which are included in many Linux distributions.

The version of Linux I was trying to use this device with is Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4, but it’s a slightly custom distribution specific to a company I work for. My guess is RHEL4 doesn’t include madwifi drivers by default, but this variant did. However, they forgot to include wpa_supplicant. Once they compiled this with proper madwifi support, I was able to get it working!

I was also able to get it working independently using my own compiled version of wpa_supplicant and madwifi drivers, but it’s nice to have it included as part of the distribution. :)

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