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Random Thoughts

I just noticed today it’s been a week since I madly typed something in my blog. Maybe because I’ve been madly working and haven’t really had time. The past week or so my day job has me really busy. Have a couple of really nasty customer issues that have been taking a lot of my time. The “other” customer issues I have are kind of being put on the backburner as a result, making the queue that much longer. Voxilla’s been busy too. It’s a wonder I have time to sleep. :)

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting some extra time into exercise. I’ve been managing to do it six days a week. Wednesday seems to be a hard day to get it done for some reason, but hey, six days a week is better than zero. And I think it helped me to fight off this cold that has been hanging around my house for several weeks–my wife has had it over two weeks, my kids had it at one time, my daughter may have re-caught it. I think it hit me the hardest the day after Thanksgiving. Other than my voice being a little scratchy, I’m feeling alright. I’m basically past the point where medication is going to make any real difference. I did find out that Alka-Seltzer Plus isn’t nearly as nasty as I thought it would be. I just wish it would last longer than a couple of hours. And it’s also real cheap at Costco. :)

I’ve been streaming music via Pandora. If you’re interested, have a look at my favorite songs. Remember that this reflects the songs that Pandora has stumbled across that I like that I’ve remembered to mark as a “favorite.” Hopefully Pandora will implement my suggestion to mark as a favorite and say “I like it” in one step. (The “I like it” thing helps tune Pandora to your personal tastes)

Seattle’s had it’s first taste of snow for the season yesterday. In our neighborhood, we were getting a good dusting of snow. It didn’t hang out long enough to go out and play in, really. We may get more since our temps are hovering near freezing. It will certainly make for interesting road conditions. Good thing I don’t commute to work. ;)

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