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Some Small Opera Thoughts

There are a couple of blog entries now about Google may be acquiring Opera Software ASA, makers of the Opera web browser. If Google’s platform is the web browser, why not own one? Opera doesn’t have a ton of market share when it comes to conventional desktop browsers, but they definitely have a foothold in the mobile space.

Which brings me to what I’d really like to talk about: Opera Mini. This is a browser designed for mobile handsets. It takes standard web pages and shrinks them down to the appropriate size for your screen. Given the constraints of the platform, it does a superb job. It utilizes every bit of screen real estate there is and even finds a way to make more without looking like junk. If a web page is too long, it breaks it up into bite-size chunks so it’s managable. It beats the browser built into the phones hands down.

My one complaint with Opera Mini is on the Nokia 9500. Specifically, it prevents you from downloading files. Bummer because that’s half the reason I use my web browser on the 9500–to download my podcasts. Other than that, it’s a wonderful browser. And the best part: it’s free!

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