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Merry Christmas

I’m one of those Americans who celebrates Christmas. And no, my Christmas doesn’t have Christ in it, though if yours does or you celebrate some other holiday, then feel free to leave an appropriate greeting as a comment.

My wife’s family lives nearby, so we have no need to go anywhere for the holiday. I’m not close enough with my side of the family to want to go see them during the holidays, so that’s never an issue.

The one thing that I like about Christmas is being with family. The one thing I hate about Christmas is the advertising. I hate advertising most of the time anyway, but it is particularly obnoxious this time of year. The media makes it seem like we have to give our friends and family expensive gifts if we are to be “good” people. Jewelery and Lexus ads are the most obscene ads. Who can afford all that Jewelery? Don’t worry, we’ll finance it for you at 23% interest. Who in their right mind is going to buy someone a Lexus for Christmas? Who can afford to?

People don’t need more crap, they need to be more connected to the people around them. They need to be more tolerant of people of different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, different lifestyles. As long as you’re not hurting people in the process, it makes no difference to me if you workship a dead guy on a stick, turn and pray towards Mecca, have a “civil union” with someone of the same sex, or whatever. I just don’t see why people make such a big deal over the private choices other people make.

My Christmas wish is simple; Peace on Earth, goodwill towards all.

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