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Christmas without Electricity

From about 6:30am this morning until about 8pm this past evening, we had no electricity at our house. It made our typical Christmas meal with my wife’s parents, well, a bit different than usual. Instead of turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings, we had salad, veggies, ham from the previous evening’s dinner, cheese, hummus, and whatever else that was “perishable” in either of our fridges.

Beyond the “meal” problem, it went surprisingly well. Since there was no electricity for electronic distractions of any sort, we spent a lot more time interacting as a whole. It was less stressful than previous engagements, or so it seemed to me anyway. That being said, we did have to scramble to find a place that was open on Christmas Day where we could buy some extra flashlights since we had a shortage of them for some reason. That and a wired phone that actually worked (all of our phones are cordless and/or require power).

Several hours after the “Christmas Dinner,” we were hungry again. Salad and the like is so much less filling than large quantities of turkey. Again, we had to venture out into the world to find a place that was open on Christmas. The Chinese place we usually do take-out from was the only place nearby that was open, so we had dinner there for once. They had power. In fact, most of the City of Port Orchard had power today. We didn’t, but then again we lived outside the city limits and the power outage was fairly localized to McCormick Woods.

Oh well, I should probably go to bed before my daughter wakes up again.

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