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Cats and KDE 3.2

My neighbors are currently out of town, so my wife and I are keeping an eye on their place. This entails going over occasionally to check on their three cats (e.g. make sure they have food and water, clean up any messes they may have made). We also spend a little bit of time playing with the cats because, hey, they’re cats and need attention. It’s always weird playing with someone else’s cats: you’re never quite sure how they play (unless you’ve played with them a lot, which isn’t usually the case). Our two cats play differently: for instance Toby is a little more playful, Zoe is more subdued, but can be more viscious. Takes a little bit of time to figure out a cat. Sort of like people. :)

KDE 3.2 got released today, which is a window manager used on open-source operating systems such as Linux. Of course, it means every other open source weenie is currently attempting to download it. I’m still working on getting all the bits loaded. It does look a bit nicer, but I’m having problems with fonts — Helvetica appears to show “blank” (i.e. just not show) in any window it might try and display in. A few other fonts are like that. I still don’t have all the bits loaded yet, so it may be something related to that.

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