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On The Road

This week, I’m gonna be in California for my semi-regular trip to the office. While I personally am not a fan of going into our office as much as I used to be–let’s face it, times have changed and not necessary for the better–I enjoy going for the face time and for the time with my friends. I also get a chance to visit the folks at Voxilla as well.

When I’m at home, work and family basically take up most of my time. I have very little outside of that in Seattle. I don’t have any friends up there. I managed to get out to a Linux User Group meeting once so far. I haven’t found any activities that I am interested in getting involved with. But then again, I’m kind of a private guy and don’t feel a huge need to “get out there.” Or at least I can’t overcome the inertia of the way my life is.

This week, I’m going to be asking some tough questions about work to my bosses, or at least I plan to. I’ve been around 7 years now. Maybe I’m having that “7 year itch” but enough things have changed as of late that I am questioning the path I’m on. I think I’m trying to rediscover my passion at work, which I seem to have lost again.

Clearly, I need to spend some time this week thinking about what I feel passionate about. The only way I’m going to be able to make work fun again is to line it up with something I am passionate about.

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