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Thinking More On My Passion

Last night after writing my last blog entry, I had somewhat of an epiphany about what I would like to do. For various reasons, I am not going to mention it here just yet. But I am going to talk about how I arrived at the conclusion I did.

I’ve been spending some time analyzing what it is I’ve enjoyed about the various things I’ve been involved with, or at least what got me to pursue it in the first place. I found a couple of common threads in all of this, which is good. The next step is to try and figure out how to combine as many of these “common threads” together so as to stitch together something resembling an enjoyable job. I think I’ve done that, and I see plenty of examples of people doing almost exactly what I think I want to do. There are some good role models that I can follow, should I choose this path.

The most important question: Can I make an acceptable living doing that? Is someone willing to pay me to do that? And will I like it? (Because I am always one to second-guess myself :)

Questions, questions, questions.

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