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Power, a Novel Concept

Power got restored to my humble abode earlier this afternoon. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping somewhere else for another night, especially given how well I slept the previous night in the hotel with my daughter not sleeping too well. My house was a chilly 51F when we came home at around 11am this morning. It took a while for the heater to overcome that. My office is still 62F, but then again I am usually “too warm” in my office with all the computers, etc.

At least this time around, we were a bit better prepared than we were at Christmas. We pretty much already knew what to do, we were fairly stocked up on certain items already, and we had places we could escape the lack of power. After all, it wasn’t Christmas, so stuff was open and there plenty of places we could drive to that had power.

It would have been nice if the Seahawks had a little more power today, but they succumed to the Steelers and some downright rotten calls in the Super Bowl.

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