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Gentoo Linux, Part 2: The long install process

One thing I will say: this is the longest system installation process I’ve been through. That’s a downside to compiling just about everything is that you have to wait for the system to finish compling all the stuff. But I expected that going into it.

At the moment, I am unable to get my system to boot under it’s own power. That’s because I chose reiserfs for my root partition and the default gentoo kernel didn’t include reiserfs in the kernel, but rather as a module. That made booting a bit difficult: the kernel didn’t know what kind of filesystem I had, so it couldn’t read it. Tried recompiling the kernel again, it failed on some module I don’t ever forsee myself using, removed it from the build process and am trying again.

Note that I’m still working on the base system at this point, I haven’t even gotten to adding any fun stuff like KDE. I’ll worry about that after I get the system to boot on it’s own.

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