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Static IPs, or Fast?

I am facing an interesting dillemma.

My cable company has started “silently” rolling out their increased speeds, which go up to 8 megabytes. My 4 meg line suddenly became 6 after a cable modem reboot. The upstream is still a measly 384kbps, but that is supposed to change as well. However, I also need static IP addresses, which my DSL line provides, but it maxes out at 1.5mb/s. Yes, I have both at home. I was without DSL for four days at Christmas time. Considering I work from home, that kind of outage is unacceptable, so I bought a cable modem and ordered service.

So this raises an interesting question: do I switch over to my cable connection like I did with my wife or do I continue to use my slower, pokier DSL connection for all but things that truly need a static IP? Do I even need a static IP? Do I want to keep my DSL and associated telephone line? For the moment, I’ll keep both since my day job pays for both. It’s always good to have a backup especially since one or the other can occasionally be “problematic.”

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