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Brain Dump

It seems that lately at the end of a trip, I “mind dump” into my blog before I get home. If I have kept count correctly, this is is my forth or fifth entry of the evening, though the mesages may not appear in the blog in the order I wrote them. On this trip, I used both my laptop and my Nokia 9300 to log my thoughts, the latter used on the airplane.

One reason I do this is to keep my mind active and awake on the long trek home. I can only read so much before I either run out of reading material, get bored, or both. I can only listen to so many podcasts before I either get bored, run out, or both. I do keep a small stash of music on my Nokia 9300 (current song: Return to Tunguska by Alan Parsons), but again that only goes so far.

Writing about the right stuff energizes me. After being away from home for several days, I usually have more than a couple of things to say. I get in the flow of writing. My ideas get validated on virtual paper and my thumbs get a workout. And I make it home late on a Friday night without falling asleep behind the wheel on the drive home from the airport. :)

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