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EQO adds Skype IM

One VoIP-related thing I did this week was attempt to use the latest version of EQO, which is a Skype plug-in that runs on a Windows PC that brings Skype to your mobile phone. I say “attempt” because I didn’t have a supported phone with me on my trip. I attempted to run it on my Nokia 9300. The application did not take advantage of the increased screen real estate of the 9300, neither did it successfully send IMs. It did, however, receive them just fine. I will have to give it a shot on the demo phone they sent when I get home.

The EQO folks need to support mobile phones with actual keyboards if the IM feature is to be useful. T9 is okay for short messages, but not for long IM sessions. I’m sure they’re working on it as there are quite a number of devices out there to support.

The EQO client only supports single-party IM at the moment. Supposedly multiparty IM is in the works. So is Mac support, which would make it a bit easier for me to use EQO.

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