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Give It Away

One of the joys of having a plethora of cell phones at my disposal is that once in a while, I can give one to someone.

A friend of my wife’s needed a new phone for Cingular. Her old cell phone was starting to act up. The display was starting to act funny and the battery was dying. So I reached into my Drawer-o-Nokia phones and gave her one along with the appropriate power adapter. It was even Cingular-branded to boot. Since all her contacts were on the SIM card, it was pretty painless for her to switch phones.

I also recently recycled a bunch of old TDMA phones, my trusty Nokia 6190, and an analog sleeve. It was sad to see those old friends go, but Cingular’s not going to allow me to use those phones anymore. The Nokia 6190 is GSM, but it won’t take any of the current SIMs, which are all 64k and won’t work in the Nokia 6190. The analog sleeve was a nice addition to the Nokia 6190, but since I can’t use that anymore, the analog sleeve can’t be used either.

Here’s a question for all you cell phone junkies out there: what do you do with your old cell phones? Post in comments or send me an email.

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