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Talk about No Frills!

Man, I thought flying Southwest was rough, but this CNN Money story on Ryanair shows us that even Southwest can learn a thing or two about making fares lower.

In one sense, it sounds worse because while in some cases, you can fly free, a lot of things most travelers take for granted like a packet of peanuts and a coffee or even checking a bag will cost you extra on Ryanair. On the other hand, if you restrict yourself to carryon luggage, pack your own lunch, and don’t mind seeing a little extra advertising, then you’ll save some money.

I know John C. Dvorak had said in his piece about how US airlines suck big time that foreign carriers can’t fly domestic routes. It’s a shame because if it were opened up to the foreign carriers, you can bet we’d start seeing some real competition and our airlines might start sucking a little less.

I wonder if Ryanair has some of the humourous in-flight announcements that Southwest is known for.

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