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So when will IP replace the PSTN?

Ted over at the VoIP Weblog wrote a rather lengthly blog entry summarizing the challenges that IP has in replacing our traditional telephone network. It does a fairly good job at summarizing all of the issues, perceived or otherwise.

The one issue that Ted didn’t mention, which I think is important, is the fact that IP networks don’t work so hot when the power goes out. Considering I’ve had a few power outages recently, I am acutely aware of what lackof power does to your Internet connectivity. Good thing the PSTN lines works during a power outage. Since all of our normal phones are cordless and they too don’t work without power, we keep a corded handset specifically for when the power is out. I even wrote the telephone number for Puget Sound Energy on a piece of paper and taped it to the handset so we know who to call to complain and/or find out when we’re going to get power again. :)

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