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Random Thoughts

Various things happened yesterday:

Some source code to Windows 2000 leaked! Discussion on slashdot, Broadband Reports. I’m sure there are plenty of others. People scared that black hats will use the code to find security vulnernabilities. Just what the world needs, more “ultra-critical security bugs that need to be fixed yesterday.” Microsoft’s had too damned many of them recently. Thankfully, I don’t use a Bill Gates OS for most of my work.

Jeff Pulver got his petition granted for Free World Dialup to be treated as an information service under US regulations, not as a telecom service. That means it’s not subject to any taxes or regulations. It basically means that communciation that happens entirely over the Internet isn’t subject to telecom regulations. The jury is still out on VoIP services that actually touch the PSTN like Vonage or Broadvox Direct.

Look like my book has it’s first review on I know my publicist is trying to get people to write reviews for slashdot (I sent her a few names) and some other places. It’d be a hoot to get a review of my book on slashdot.

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