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A Little More on Dapper Drake

I have played with the “Flight 6″ build of Ubuntu’s Dapper Drake, which is by now finished upgrading to the “beta” release of Dapper Drake. The install from Live CD was not perfect, but it did a fairly good job getting the box up and running. The box in question is an IBM Thinkpad T23 with 256mb of RAM. Dapper is actually a bit snappy on this hardware. The KDE desktop–I installed the kubuntu variant–is as good as I expect.

I did run into an odd problem with playing a Video CD I had, but I was able to figure out how to load up the correct libraries so it would work. Other than that and having to compile synergy from source since the folks that maintain that synergt in Ubunto haven’t updated it in a year or so, it’s going smoothly so far. Faster than I expect.

Oh well, time to update my son’s computer, which is currently on the Breey Release. We’ll see how that goes.

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