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My Travel Life on a Phone

One thing I realize that I like is having my personal travel entertainment on one device–my mobile phone. It contains everything I use on a plane–my podcasts, offline email, and a reasonable way to blog. The entertainment per square inch is almost perfect–especially given the confines of the typical coach seat on US airlines. The exception, of course is that I need a magazine to read when I’m not allowed to use my electronics (i.e. at takeoff and landing).

Now the good news for me is that the content I use is recorded in “open” formats, namely MP3. It makes it very easy for me to move it onto a Nokia phone and not have to deal with DRM headaches.. However, it’s a bit of a manual process. I have to download file-by-file each MP3 file. Either that or take out the memory card, put it in a computer, copy the files over and put it back in the phone. On a couple of phones, I can also use WiFi to download the files.

What I want is a podcast client for Symbian. I want to just have the device download all this stuff automatically, or at least at the push of much fewer buttons. Another thing that might be useful is network connectivity, but I’m okay without it for now.

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