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The VoIP Think Tank Episode #1

I joined a few people with far better Internet connectivity than I had on Monday and recorded a VoIP podcast. I ended up figuring out on the fly how to dial into the Gizmo Project 1-222-xxx-xxxx conference call bridge from my mobile phone because my Internet connectivity sucked so bad. That’s what happens when you’re on the road and using someone else’s Internet connection.

Anyway, if you’re into VoIP and follow the blogosphere, you might recognize a few of the names on the call: Ken Camp, Ted Wallingford, Alec Saunders, and Andy Abramson. We managed to get through talking about half of Ted Wallingford’s paper on Overcoming Cultral Challenges to the VoIP Revolution before we had to call it quits.

For some reason, Ken didn’t link to the raw MP3 file for the recording for those of us who don’t use iTunes or Yahoo Podcasts, so I present it here: VoIP Think Tank #1.

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