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Skype Makes SkypeOut calls Free to US and Canada!

Various people have predicted the price of making calls will go down to zero. It looks like the folks at Skype are making that a reality now by allowing people to make free SkypeOut calls to all US and Canada locations until the end of the year. A lot of places have done it for a limited time and the like, but I don’t think anyone has promised to do it for over six months.

I hope Skype is getting a good deal on those PSTN minutes, because you know it’s costing them some money to do this. Hopefully the gain in uptake they are probably going to get will be worth it. It will also be interesting to see how the other players in this space will react.

Edit: Apparently this “freeness” does not extend to forwarded calls, only to calls you originate from the Skype client. If you forward your Skype calls to your US or Canadian-based telephone number, expect to be charged as usual.

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