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Revisiting Ancient History

One thing I finally got around to doing this evening was moving in the last of my blog entries from the January 2004 timeframe into Nucleus. The impetus for this was that I was trying to find a piece of information I had blogged about–the purchase of our last car. It turned out this happened in January 2004 which as of about two hours ago was not in my blog. It is now, along with two blog entries from the end of 2003.

[Edit: Of course, since I wrote the above statement, I am having to repeat the exercise by going through all the old blog entries a second time to “approve” them in Nucleus.]

These entries are now almost two and a half years old, so it was interesting to see what was going through my mind back then.

Some highlights:

  1. My second book, Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 NG was just hitting the shelves. Pity not too many people bought it.
  2. Broadvox Direct, a VoIP service offering aimed at consumers, was kind-of, sort-of launching.
  3. I was playing with small, bootable Linux distributions to use on old laptops. The best of them all is still Damn Small Linux.
  4. I wrote about mobile blogging! Wow, now instead of contriving a text file on my device and uploading it, I can just send an email from my phone. Imagine that…
  5. Some complaints about the “job” I had at my daytime employer around that time. Ended up getting out of that job in the summer of 2004.
  6. My interest in VoIP was picking up.
  7. I hate the fact I can’t find a cordless phone with the feature set I want and doesn’t suck. That hasn’t changed. ;)
  8. Why I think the phone system is absurd. I still believe it is.

Anyway, I think it might be a good exercise to go through old blog entries periodically to see if distance can give me some insight into old problems I was experiencing at the moment.

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