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Broadvox Direct is launching, finally!

Well, Jeff Williams finally announced when Broadvox Direct was going to “pre-launch” again on the 23rd of February. I was even given a bit of kudos from Jeffery Williams:

First of all I would like to thank everyone that signed up for Broadvox Direct in December of 03′ The input that we have received from these users has been of great value. We have been able to address issues that were found in our subscription process, and perfect our processes. In particular I would like to thank a user by the screen name ‘PhoneBoy’. PhoneBoy has given us consistent and valuable feedback about the end user experience. PhoneBoy has also contributed by way of helping other subscribers online and creating a great Broadvox Direct service overview.

In any case, if you sign up before midnight (GMT-5) on 29 Feb 2004, the normal setup fee will be waived. And no, other than being a satisfied customer, I have no affiliation with them.

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