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A New Digital Camera

A friend of my wife’s got a Nikon D50 SLR Digital Camera. What amazed her about it was the picture quality and the lack of shutter lag. The price was also reasonable as well, around $500–or so my wife was told by her friend. My wife hesitated about this purchase because our existing camera, a Sony Powershot something-or-other, still works. I told her to go get the camera already.

Between the high-speed SD memory card–the camera didn’t come with one, the UV filter, tax, and the nearly $200 two-year replacement warranty–the warranty supposedly covers negligence on the owners part, which is a bonus–we were up to almost $1000.

Unlike the digital cameras we had purchased before–in addition to the Sony Cybershot camera, we also have a Canon Powershot S40 which has a broken lens cover, but otherwise still works–this is a serious camera that has a separate lens and lets you use any number of Nikon lenses. This makes it much bigger, of course, but at least the test pictures that came out were really nice. The camera will store pictures in JPEG, Nikon’s proprietary RAW format (NEF), or both. This is handy because my wife likes to work with the photos first, and it’s always better to edit a raw picture file than to try and edit a JPEG fie.

And no shutter lag. Instantaneous. And the photos look pretty good to me at least. The true test will be how well they print out at Costco.

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