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Kudos to Linksys for Finally Posting Firmware for VoIP devices!

This has been a long-time complaint of mine and many others on the Voxilla Forums and other places about Linksys hardware. Much of the VoIP hardware that Linksys produced, both before and after parent Cisco acquired Sipura, had firmware that was unavailable to mere mortals. That is to say, if you didn’t work for an authorized reseller or authorized service provider, you couldn’t get firmware for the units. Period. Some of the Sipura-branded products had their firmware on the former Sipura website, but that did nothing for the Linksys-branded hardware.

Someone on the Voxilla Forums discovered that Linksys has finally posted the firmware for both the Sipura-branded and Linksys-branded VoIP hardware for the SPA3102, which was just recently released. I looked around and discovered that just about all of the Linksys-branded and Sipura-branded hardware now has firmware available on the Linksys Website under Support > Downloads. Bravo!

One notable device that still does not have firmware posted is the RT31P2, which is a device that Vonage had been giving out and/or selling for quite a while. I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence or not, though.

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