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My Wife Should Have a Mac

The more I play with my own Mac, the more I realize: the kind of stuff she likes to do with the computer is probably easier on a Mac, and pretty much everything she needs is included on the Mac. Everything else can be downloaded off the Internet for free or purchased easily enough.

Aside from general Internet access–which of course she can do fine on a Mac–she messes with photos. I think for the functionality she needs, iPhoto will probably meet her needs just fine. It works with most digital cameras. No extra software needed. Every time my wife got a new digital camera–she’s on her third one in three years–it involves new software, which totally throws off her work flow. And she hates that.

Then of course there are the security issues, which on a Mac are pretty minimal. No viruses to speak of and spyware isn’t a worry–yet. She’s smart enough to not have gotten any spyware or viruses on her Windows box (she runs Firefox except in a few instances, knows not to open file attachments, etc), but I figure that’s a matter of time before something bad happens. 

Of course, now I have to convince her that a Mac is the way to go. The funny thing is that when I first met my wife, she was a Mac person. Maybe for Christmas… 

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