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You know you work in a large company when you spend two days in a class to tell me how to write a process document. W00t. :P I’m but a few hours from flying back home once again. These trips are too short. Of course, that rant is documented in a previous blog entry.

Death Star replaced by Orange Splat, otherwise known as AT&T Wireless has agreed to sell themselves to Cingular (or at least the boards have agreed — there’s still the small matter of shareholders of AT&T Wireless agreeing as well as the US Government). As a former Cingular customer, I’m not entirely sure how I should look at this. At the end of the day, it means that Cingular will have the largest GSM network in the US. Coverage should be a lot better in some places, though I have to wonder how the tower-sharing agreement Cingular has with T-Mobile (to cover California, Nevada, and New York) will continue to work. In any case, it won’t improve the areas where I personally have deadspots on AT&T Wireless — Cingular has absolutely crappy coverage in Port Orchard. Oh well, maybe I can get rollover minutes or maybe they will enable “free roaming to Cingular towers” in other areas. sigh

BroadvoxDirect is supposed to launch soon. I helped Jeff debug some problems with a few of the signup pages, which they will hopefully fix for launch. Someone used IE-specific tags in a few places. Well, considering they pretty much design the pages around IE, that’s not a surprise.

With all the Windows viruses currently hitting my inbox, I am glad that I generally only read email with Mozilla Thunderbird on Linux, or better yet, mutt over an ssh session. These email worms have a much harder time infecting me this way.

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