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Some People Want Phones To Be Just Phones

While I am quite tha gadget fiend, and I love the fact I can do lots of stuff on my phone, I know plenty of people who want their phones to be, well, just phones. You know, make a call, receive a call. Not much else. I know that I am not in that market personally, but I see there is huge value in catering to that market, if for no other reason than increasing the overall adoption of mobile phones.

So I get really annloyed at Endgaget for mocking basic handsets such as the recently announced Nokia 1110i. Not everyone wants a phone that can play MP3s, browse the web, play videos, record videos, and wash your dishes. Not everyone can afford a phone like that, though $57USD for a phone (unsubsidized price) is pretty good. With carrier subsidy–and believe me, carriers subsidize phones–the phone is likely to be much cheaper or even free.

I suppose I should just accept the fact that Endgadget is all about the bling-bling and don’t really care about the “simple folk.” But the could certainly talk about items that are “beneath them” and actually respect the point of view the product represents.

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