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Microsoft Copying Someone? What a Surprise!

How do you know you’re doing something right? When a large player like Microsoft decides to copy you. There’s plenty of history to back this up. The latest example of this is covered in a CNet article on how Microsoft wants to end phone tag by implementing unified messaging and smart call routing in Exchange. Andy Abramson wisely points out that other services provide this functionality today.

When I read the CNet article, what immediately came to my mind was CommuniGate Pro, which is basically a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange and, oh, by the way, also does unified messaging. Today, it doesn’t have the advanced call routing features that Iotum has, but there’s no reason the two companies can’t partner and provide the ultimate messaging and communications solution. It would certainly raise the bar pretty high for Microsoft.

Microsoft is trying to hold on to their market share. By developing “Me Too” products instead of innovating, they are trying to prevent the market share they have from slipping through their fingers. By adding these cool features into Exchange, which has a huge install base, they are doing their best to prevent defection to better solutions. The features they add aren’t going to be as ground breaking and earth shattering as the originals, but they will be “good enough” so that when the IT people look at what it costs to switch versus the value you get for doing so, staying with the Microsoft solution will be the best answer for the company’s bottom line.

In any case, for players like CommuniGate and Iotum, things are going to get a little more interesting…

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