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Working Anywhere… Now This I Can Relate To

I’m surprised I missed the link for this, but “Mr. VoIP Watch” Andy Abramson has started a new blog called Working Anywhere.

While I don’t travel all that much anymore, I have been working mostly from home for the past 8 years or so with occasional trips to the office. I remember the days of dialup Internet access when on the road. Heck, I remember dialing up on an Airfone many years back. I’ve had my own bad experiences with hotel Internet access. Andy, however, is quite the globetrotter and has a lot to say about various hotels, broadband on airplanes, and anywhere else.

Even at home, I have to utilize a lot of the same technology that people far more mobile than I do utilize to stay connected. I am a big user of mobile email, even though I rarely leave my house. The mobile phone is sometimes quicker and handier than the computer.

What’s scary is that I am so used to working remotely that when I actually do go into the office, I actually find it more difficult to get work done than when I am somewhere else. Not to say it isn’t valuable to go into the office, because the face time is very important. The office, however, is a highly contained environment from a connectivity standpoint. Being “connected” in the office is more challenging.

Anyway, I look forward to reading Andy’s new blog on my RSS reader.

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