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Performancing Version 1.2

Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor built right into your browser

While having a blogging tool built into Firefox is kind of an interesting idea, the reality is that every time I’ve tried to use Performancing for Firefox, the formatting was always a bit off when it’s posted to my Nucleus CMS-based blog. Those issues seem to be resolved in version 1.2, which means I might actually use this tool.

Performancing has also added support for Technorati tags and bookmarking. I was also able to drag and drop links and pictures from the browser window into the area where you write your blog post. Certainly will make blogging a bit easier, at least from my Linux and Windows box. The drag and drop features didn’t seem to work at first on the Mac, but it looks like I somehow managed to ‘kickstart it” into working. Go figure.

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