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Happy 4th

Well, for those of you in the US anyway. For the rest of you, well, July 4th may not mean as much to you as it does to us in the US. While it is ostenibly “Indepdence Day” here, it is usually the day of cookouts and fireworks, not necessarily in that order. For my dad, anyway, it was the start of the partying since his birthday is only five days later. (Hey wait a minute, so is mine. But I digress.)

I’m sure someone out there can see the irony in the fact my wife and I chose to get married 7 years ago today. While I didn’t particularly care what day we got married–men typically don’t care about the details of a wedding–her reasoning was “there would always be fireworks on our anniversary.” It’s as good a reason as any. It also makes it damn hard to forget.

I’m not sure what we are doing on the 4th to be quite honest. I’m quite sure we will get to see some nice fireworks in the neighborhood as has been the case for the past several years we’ve lived here. We might light a few ourselves. We’ve got another 20+ hours or so to figure it out.

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