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Cleaning My Office

One thing I am not known for is keeping my office tidy. It’s usually a bit of a mess, at least in one part or another. The main area in which I worked had a lot of “stuff” that quite simply didn’t need to be there. This included my Linksys SPA-941 and my Plantronics CS-50 headset. As much as I prefer a “hard” IP Phone to a soft client on a computer, I’m just not using them all that much at the moment. When you’re trying to reclaim some additional desk space, elimating stuff you don’t use/need is a good firs step. I decided to move that equipment elsewhere for the moment. If I need to make a VoIP call, I’ll use my USB headset on the Mac Mini and use either Skype or Gizmo to make the call. If either of those have a problem, there’s always my mobile phone. :)

Of course I did not get all the way done–that would take several more hours I think, but at least I’ve made some visible progress. I can only hope that tomorrow evening I can continue and eventually make a complete pass around my office and make it more presentable. Of course, Sunday’s my birthday. Do I really want to be cleaning my office on my birthday?

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