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Among the MacBook Elite

I think the glumness of my previous entry can be somewhat explained by the fact my wife waited until the very end of the day to give me my birthday gift: a MacBook. Since I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now, needless to say I’ve cheered up.

I’ve had an old PowerPC Mac Mini for a while now, but it belongs to my day job. This Mac is all mine and it’s Intel, baby. It’s a stock white 2 Ghz unit. Hard drive wise, more disk space would be better, but I will wait to expand that. The paltry 512mb RAM is something I’ve ordered a 2gb upgrade to address. Not from Apple, of course, because they want an extra $500 for the 2gb upgrade. The $210 or so I ended up spending through was about the right price. I should get the RAM in the next couple of days, then I can start

Meanwhile, I can’t play with this new toy forever. There’s a funeral to go to tomorrow and I have to get an early start. At least I only have to go to the reception. I will be bringing the kids a little later since they would be unlikely to tolerate the other parts of the process.

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