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Drooling over SightSpeed

Andy Abramson saw my blog posting on my iSight issues and gave me a call via SightSpeed. That was, by far, the best video quality I ever seen. 30 frames a second, crisp and full motion. He also showed me his new pocket-sized PC, the Sony VAIO? UX180P Micro PC. I also replicated the experience with Ken Camp as well.

Over the weekend, I was thinking about SightSpeed and how it would make a fantasic business tool. Apparently Ken Camp talked with SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy about that (see under the heading How SightSpeed Will Win the Enterprise). The one point I will take issue with in this paragraph is how they may displace Skype. Not because I like Skype over SightSpeed, but because Skype can do one thing well that SightSpeed currently cannot: penetrate corporate firewalls. That’s both a huge security concern and a large part of why Skype has made it’s way into the enterprise: it has proven a difficult application to prevent the use of. That isn’t to say SightSpeed won’t be useful as an officially sanctioned tool, which I think with the right products and right marketing, it will be. It just won’t “sneak in” the same way Skype has.

If video conferencing can be this good, I can’t wait to see how their SightSpeed TV stuff that Om Malik blogged about is going to look. I wonder if you’ll be able to stream content you’ve downloaded or encoded yourself (legally of course) as opposed to requiring that you have a specific TV tuner installed.

In any case, I’m really big on SightSpeed. I look forward to talking to Peter Csathy again myself sometime next week.

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