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2 Gigabytes Later

This morning, the 2 Gigabtyes of RAM I ordered for my new MacBook arrived (for those that care, I ordered it from So I shut down my Mac, popped off the battery, and found I had to unscrew three screws and remove a small plate to get at the RAM. It’s a tight space, but fortunately I had some tiny screwdrivers. I then pushed the two levers and the old 256mb sticks “popped out.” I slid the 1gb sticks in their place. One of the sticks needed a little more force than the other to get all the way seated in, but I eventually worked it into place, put the metal plate back on, and screwed it back on.

Then a reboot came up, and Apple > About This Mac showed me 2 gigabytes of RAM was installed. And let me tell you, it makes a big difference from 512mb both on booting up and loading applications. Real snappy performance now. :)

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